Payroll – Overview

For any business, managing payroll efficiently is crucial. Companies need to ensure that employees are paid on time, receive accurate salary compensation, get their payslips, and handle other payroll-related tasks. Additionally, payroll management must comply with government regulations.

With FuseOffice, you can streamline all your payroll activities effortlessly. Our cloud-based payroll management system automatically calculates salaries, taxes, and deductions, sends out payslips monthly, and handles all other payroll functions.

Moreover, FuseOffice provides employees with a dedicated self-service portal accessible via web browser or through WhatsApp, allowing them to view their payslips and other relevant information.

Understanding FuseOffice Payroll

Pay runs: This is where you will be processing payroll

Reports: View different kinds of reports for variance reports, tax summaries, benefits summary, deductions e.t.c.

Settings: Configure FuseOffice payroll to your organisation. Add earnings, deductions, enable salary advances, configure loans e.t.c.