Payroll – General Settings

To access general settings,

Go to Payroll > Settings > General settings

General settings is grouped in tabs.



How many hours make one business day?
Here put the number of work hours in a day i.e. that make one business day e.g. if your business opens at 08:00hrs and closes at 17:00hrs with a one hour break, then you will put 08:00.

When payday falls on a non-working day or a holiday, employees will get paid
Here, select when payroll should run in case the pay schedule falls on a non working day.

Payroll initiator can approve payrun?
If the payroll is not set to run automatically, select if a payroll initiator can approve a payrun, or a different person will have to approve.

Enable salary advance
Enable or disable ability for employees to request for salary advance from the employee portal.

Password protect paylips
Enable or disable passwords on employee payslips

Admin paylip password (Default password for employees is 123456)
Set the password admins should use to access employee payslips

NAPSA Employer/Account Number
NAPSA account number for your business

NHIMA Employer/Account Number
NHIMA account number for your business



Select the work days for you business, and number of work hours on each work day



Add all items that employees can request reimbursement for e.g. Accommodation, transport, e.t.c.



Enable or disable ability for employees to request for  loan from the employee portal.

Processing fee (%): If you are going to charge a fee for process the loan, enter the % here. e.g. if an employee requests for a 10,000 loan and you processing fee is 2.5%, then the employee will get 9,7250 (10,000 – 250 which is 2.5% process fee)

Processing Cap: The maximum process fee to charge, i.e. the processing fee can not exceed this amount.

Interest rate (%): The interest rate and frequency

Interest method: Interest method. Flat or reducing balance

EMI salary ration (%): The maximum percentage an employee can pay for a loan against their salary.



Select the payslip template/layout