User Access Management

FuseOffice has different modules for different business functionalities. User Access  Management allows you to control which part of FuseOffice a particular employee can access e.g. Sales personnel can be setup on only access sales data and not accounting information.

To setup User Access Management, go to Admin > User Access Roles

Click on “Add User Group Role” and enter a group name e.g Accountant, HRM, Sales, Support e.t.c.

After the name is created, there will be four (4) options/icons/actions you can perform on each group role

  1. View – You can view the modules that this role can access
  2. Edit Roles – You can edit (by selecting/de-selecting) the modules the group should access
  3. Edit group name – You can edit the name of the group
  4. Delete – You can delete the group

NB the group name you enter here is not the Job positions. When setting up job positions/titles e.g. C.E.O., Human Resource Manager, Customer Support, e.t.c you can then select a group role for the job position meaning if you add a Job title “Customer Support” and select a group role “Support”, then anyone assigned to custom support will access only the roles configured for “Support” group role