Email Configuration

FuseOffice sends emails, either manually or automatically, e.g. you can send an invoice to a client within FuseOffice.

By default, the emails are sent via FuseOffice mail. This means that the receiver will see FuseOffice as the sender of the email. You can configure FuseOffice to send emails through your email, and your recipients will see the email as coming from you.

To configure your email, go to Admin > Email Configuration

On “Send email using”, select SMTP

You will need the following information (for outgoing settings)

  1. Server/Host – The domain name or IP address of you email provider
  2. Username – Your email address
  3. Password – Password to your email
  4. SSL Type –  Security type SSL, TLS or none
  5. Port – Port number, usually defaults to 25, 587 or 465 depending on the security type

Click on the edit icon on the right to change values.

After supplying the above information, click on Test Connection.